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ITA Airways

How to obtain your NIAF Member Discount on ITA Airways

Save 10%* on your ITA Airways flight when you travel non-stop from the United States to Italy, Italy to the United States, or on domestic flights in Italy (including Light Class).

This offer is exclusively for online purchases from this page and is only available to National Italian American Foundation members.


  1. Sign in to the NIAF Portal.
  2. Click “Member Benefits” in the NIAF Portal.
  3. Enter the ITA dedicated website from the Member Benefits section of the NIAF Portal.
  4. Choose your trip according to the conditions of the offer
  5. Click on the ‘Get your discount’ button in the popup
  6. Select your flight
  7. Click on the ‘Apply discount’ button in the pop-up to activate the offer and proceed with the purchase
  8. The applied discount will be visible in the cart details

*The discount only applies to the fare component (taxes and surcharges excluded).  This offer is valid for travel until 31 January 2025, with the discount visible in your cart details.  This offer can only be used for adult bookings (including children and infants).  This offer can only be used on ITA Airways flights.

**To take advantage of the offer, please ensure that you accept analytical cookies and allow pop-up windows in your browser settings.  If the pop-up doesn’t appear, just refresh the page without leaving your browser.

***User has a maximum limit of 3 attempts every 45 minute session. After 3 attempts, the pop-up may not appear. If this occurs, please wait 45 minutes and try again.

ITA Airways 10% off Network:


Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is reserved for all members of the National Italian American Foundation and is valid for one way and round-trip flights in Economy, Premium Economy and Business class departing from USA to Italy (excluded Sardinia) and from Italy to USA;
  • During the validity period, the discount code can be used several times and only on;
  • Selling period: up to 31 December 2024.
  • Travel period:   up to 31 January 2025 (last departure date).
  • To view the discount, it is necessary to allow the opening of pop-ups.
  • The discount is valid for up to two passengers per transaction.
  • Discount is applied exclusively on the first ticket issue. In case of ticket reissue, the amount previously decreased will be added to the ticket amount (also in case of penalty).
  • The discount can only be used for bookings with adult passengers (children, infants, and pets excluded).
    • If you need to make a booking for adult passengers traveling with children/infants/pets you are kindly requested to contact our Web Assistance at 877 7931717 (toll-free number, 24 hours daily, 7 days a week).
  • Discount can only be applied to bookings made in the United States.